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Teletonix provides high end communications services.

We’re dedicated to providing the most advanced technology,

personalized customer support, and simplified billing.

Cloud Based Innovation

Teletonix operates from multiple data centers strategically located throughout the United States ensuring a level of quality, service and redundancy second to none. This cloud hosting model means your systems are always online and always updating.

Every company is unique which is why every solution from Teletonix is 100% customizable to fit your specific needs. From small deployments of voice only telephones, to national unified communication deployments, our goal is to work hand-in-hand with your organization to find the right solution at price point that meets your budget.

At Teletonix, it’s our job to say yes! As an industry leader in service, features and functionality, we’re charged with ensuring that we are always at the forefront of innovation. When you need a feature, it’s there.

From Earth to Space and beyond. Teletonix also specializes in Satellite based communication systems. From fixed satellite telecommunication links to mobile satellite telephones. Satellite technology ensures you have communications anywhere on planet Earth; from the north pole, to the south pole.

Harness The Power Of The Web.

Your Web Browser Has Never Been This Powerful

Manage contacts, check who’s on the phone, or run your switchboard. Your are now in control like never before.  Integrated chat, web conferencing, and scheduling makes this the one tool your office won’t be able to live without.

Powerful Admin Tools To Create Customized Solutions

Advanced admin tools help office supervisors, managers and owners run a more efficient workplace.  From advance call analytics, and call reporting, to playing back recorded conversations for quality assurance, you hold the power of the system at your fingertips.

Web Based Client

Integrated With What Matters Most

You Said “Give Me Integrations”

Our phone systems integrate seamlessly with most of today’s popular platforms including: to MS Exchange, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, SugarCRM, Google Contacts, Exact Online, Freshdesk, Datev, Zendesk, Nutshell, vtiger, EBP, Insightly, amoCRM, Bitrix24 and Act!  

You Said “Bring Video To My Desk”

Because we use open standards you can make and receive video calls, or video conference from any device, anywhere.

You Said “Give Me Control”

100% Web-based integrated administration, management and usage.  Everything you need, wherever you are.

The Future of Business Communications is Now

Demo The Future And Get Started Today

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

These are just a few of the many questions we get asked on a daily basis.  Have a question?  Call us at 800-792-8647.  We are glad to help!

Can I really place a call through a web browser?

Yes.  Through WebRTC technology, Teletonix customers can logon to our website with just a regular web browser without any special software or plug-ins.  From the website, customers can make and receive voice and video calls, as well as transfer calls, as if they were at their office.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC – which stands for Web Real Time Communication – is an open standard for embedding real time multimedia communications capabilities directly into a web browser. The open standard framework eliminates the necessity for client software, plugins and downloads.

Do you host the entire system in the cloud?

Yes.  The entire system (PBX) is cloud hosted, backed up, and fully managed.  Your team at Teletonix takes care of programming all of the call routing, IVRs, and provides you with personalized technical support.

Can I get local telephone number in area codes other than mine?

Absolutely.  Teletonix can order almost any area code, including toll free numbers, and deliver them to your system regardless of location.

Is Teletonix registered with the FCC?

Yes. Teletonix is registered with the Federal Communications Commission as a VoIP telecommunications provider.  Teletonix is also registered at the State and local levels where required.

What is the USF tax shown on my invoice?

Teletonix is required by the Federal government to collect USF tax.  The Universal Service Fund is a system of telecommunications subsidies and fees managed by the United States Federal Communications Commission intended to promote universal access to telecommunications services in the United States.

Tell me more about technical support.

Technical support is provided by our U.S based call center located just outside New York City.  Our certified engineers assist in supporting all aspects of your system including programming, call flow setup, custom IVRs, voicemail, advanced call routing, line ports and more.  Billing and administrative support is managed from our Jacksonville, Florida location.

How does Teletonix integrate with my mobile phone?

Seamlessly.  Make and receive voice and video calls as if you were at your office using your office phone.  Easily transfer calls to and from colleagues without anyone knowing you’re not in the office.

Can I keep my current phone numbers?

Yes. Teletonix can port over all or some of your existing telephone numbers.  Your Teletonix support team can also setup call flow in the exact way you’d like during the process and order new local and toll free numbers.

Can Teletonix record custom greetings and prompts?

Yes. Teletonix has partnered with several professional voice over artists that will record your greetings and prompts in a professional sounding voice.  Teletonix also makes customized on hold messages, and offers a variety of royalty free on hold music to choose from.

Do 911 services work with Teletonix?

Teletonix is part of the e911 reporting system and is required to collect certain address information from each customer, and each location to ensure compliant 911 services. In many states, Teletonix collects a 911 tax which you may see on your invoice as required by law.

Does Teletonix just resell someone else’s VoIP service?

No.  Teletonix operates our own cloud servers and systems through which we deliver communications services.

What fax solutions are available?

Teletonix offers multiple solutions for faxing including a web-based fax portal for sending and receiving faxes and “Fax-to-Email” whereby incoming faxes are converted to PDFs documents and then sent to the recipients’ email. Custom solutions are also available.

How does setup and installation work?

Teletonix has installation consultants located throughout the United States that assist with onsite installations depending on your location.  We also have the ability to pre-configure devices and ship them to your location depending on the complexity of your system.

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